Saturday, January 14, 2012

Green Envy

We all grow through phases where we have new favorite colors. Mine is green. I say this to Ashley everyday at work when we find something we like, "Oh I wish it came in emerald green". Apparently that color doesn't exist anymore because I have yet to find something I like in that color. So, as second best, I found a different shade. With all this talk about colored denim and resort launches for spring 2012, I happened to find a pair at H&M for a whopping total of $19.99! I had to break the bank for that one :P Not to mention they are the comfiest pair I have ever tried on. They aren't jeggings but they have just enough stretch to make them comfortable. Here is an example color-blocking them...

It's all about the accessories. Don't go too overboard though. 

 Right now Pacsun is having their Blue Dot Sale. If you buy one blue dot item it is 30% off, if you buy two it's 50% off, and if you buy three its 70% off. Of course I bought three things. One of which was this flowy cream shirt. I cant remember the price but I know it was under $5 for sure. The best thing about this shirt was the back. I love button detailing on the backside of blouses. It's so feminine.

Moving on with my green envy is this dress. Clearance at Forever 21 for $13. Not to mention it was our Love 21 Contemporary line. They have the best stuff. I kept this simple with a thin yellow belt (which happened to come with a pair of shorts I bought last year) around the waist to emphasize the smallest part and a few gold with pearl bracelets. 


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  1. So in love with all three outfits. Those pants look great! I hit up the blue dot sale today too! A pair of flats, a tank, and cool/weird tribal open front sweatshirt for $9 TOTAL!