Sunday, January 22, 2012

bold and the beautiful

Of course my first two loves are my son and husband, but fashion is right behind them, and pretty much neck and neck with fashion are accessories.  I am a huge fan of bangles, large purses (the bigger the better,) statement necklaces and earrings. I own to many bracelets and purses to count, and I'm starting to get a pretty good earring collection together. Accessorizing is defiantly an art because you have to know how to wear them exspecialy if you are rocking a piece of costume jeweler, you don't want to end up going overboard. If I'm going to be wearing just a basic over sized off the shoulder sweater or even a basic short sleeved tee ill add a big necklace, costume ring and lots of bangles. let the asseccories be the main focus and the clothing take a backseat. If I end up wearing something that has a print or pattern and is a little more bold then Ill usually just keep the rest of my look simple and maybe wear a couple bracelets, and cap it off with a trendy handbag.  I almost forgot to mention SHOES!!!!!! Other than everything just mentioned above I have an abundance of shoes. A great pair of shoes can make an outfit shine and add that finishing touch that you were looking for.
Here are some accessory trends that are going to be big for spring
I wish I could own all of these, and I do have some pieces that are similar. The earthy look is big this spring. Choose from chunky necklaces, bold rings, earings and much more. Look for pieces that have  a more rugged natural feel to them.

This bag is so  fun. The electric hue really pops and will help it stand out amongst the others, while the studded detail gives it a more edgy feel. This more structured style bag is very in this spring. You can just slip the shoulder strap on  or  carry it like a clutch

Ankle strap heels are feminine and versatile. Whether your look is girlie or edgy this trend will add instant style to your outfit and give it a playful look. Thin straps are easiest to wear, but you can rock thicker straps too.

Ill be back later in the week to show you some looks :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Go With The Flow

With Spring right around the corner, I'm going crazy over new trends. And as you've been reading, pastels are really hitting big right now. So, as I'm browsing through celebrity styles, all I see is Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Blog after blog, I read about her. Why? Everything she wears is pure gold. .....Not really :) but she has such a classic style yet also very trendy. Here's a couple examples...

I'm seeing a lot of flowy feminine skirts/dresses lately especially in creams and pastels. I know silk and chiffon will definitely be a big must for me this spring. And since I never wear any tight clothes, I love to go with the "flow". Therefore, I love this style. Mix it up by adding a chunky bracelet or a skinny belt. Even go as far as adding a little pop with a rust colored purse. Be sure to stay posted for some examples of this style on a budget! :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

spring part deux

As I promised I'm back to show you a couple different looks and ways to wear the floral trend. Believe me I wanted to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe (but this blog is called within your means after all.) As for the mint and polka dots I found some excellent pieces that wont break the bank.
This necklace is definitely a statement piece so let it do the talking. Wear it with a basic t-shirt or tank
Love this, not only is it an infinity scarf but it has fringe all for the affordable price of 6.50
This cable knit sweater is adorable, and I wish I would have taken a picture of the chere back.
I took this floral/thermal long sleeved shirt that I bought at Target today and paired it with rust colored denim, nude heels, a blue blazer, and some pearls. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that the shirt only cost me 4 dollars. I love finding treasures like this and mixing it with edgier pieces.

For this look which a little dressier I'm wearing a red blue and white flowy floral skirt with a blue and white striped off the shoulder shirt. I love mixing prints together and will always do this trendy or not :)  If you aren't comfortable mixing patterns you could wear a neutral colored blouse. For jewelry I have on a red, turquoise, and tan stoned necklace with a teal colored watch

These shoes are amazing and only cost me 8 dollars at Target. Everyone should own a pair of nude or tan heels
If you don't think your ready for any of the looks above you could always ease into it and wear a headband

*all the mint pieces above are from Forever21

Sunday, January 15, 2012

spring ahead

I wish there was a fast forward button to get to spring. All the magazines and retail store fronts are screaming bright colors and resort wear. I put together some trends that are going to be popular this up coming season. Ill have some pictures from my own wardrobe wearing these pieces later in the week.
The polka dot trend is back in full force, you can wear a simple silk blouse with the retro print and dress it down with a pair of jeans, skirt, or even some high waisted white shorts. You could also mix colors and dot sizes for a very chic look.

I just read were mint green is going to be the new it pastel, and I couldn't be more excited about this. I am in love with all shades of green and will be rocking this trend for sure.
This spring is all about beautiful prints mixed with bold vibrant colors. You can wear this trend on a dress, flowy top, or a swing skirt.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Green Envy

We all grow through phases where we have new favorite colors. Mine is green. I say this to Ashley everyday at work when we find something we like, "Oh I wish it came in emerald green". Apparently that color doesn't exist anymore because I have yet to find something I like in that color. So, as second best, I found a different shade. With all this talk about colored denim and resort launches for spring 2012, I happened to find a pair at H&M for a whopping total of $19.99! I had to break the bank for that one :P Not to mention they are the comfiest pair I have ever tried on. They aren't jeggings but they have just enough stretch to make them comfortable. Here is an example color-blocking them...

It's all about the accessories. Don't go too overboard though. 

 Right now Pacsun is having their Blue Dot Sale. If you buy one blue dot item it is 30% off, if you buy two it's 50% off, and if you buy three its 70% off. Of course I bought three things. One of which was this flowy cream shirt. I cant remember the price but I know it was under $5 for sure. The best thing about this shirt was the back. I love button detailing on the backside of blouses. It's so feminine.

Moving on with my green envy is this dress. Clearance at Forever 21 for $13. Not to mention it was our Love 21 Contemporary line. They have the best stuff. I kept this simple with a thin yellow belt (which happened to come with a pair of shorts I bought last year) around the waist to emphasize the smallest part and a few gold with pearl bracelets. 


Friday, January 13, 2012

Bold treasures

So like I promised I have put some outfits together from my own wardrobe to show you how to wear bold colored denim and denim with a pattern. When Alicia and I were on our usual sale hunts around the mall we found that Gap was having an extra 40 percent off their sale items. I found a pair of leopard denim that I instantly fell in love with, and I haven't even told you the best part yet. They only cost me SIX DOLLARS!!!!!!! I didn't know how I felt about this trend, but these pants can be worn much like any pair of black or blue jeans, since the print is light and the texture is barely there. You just want to make sure that you don't wear a top with a similar pattern because you will end up looking like the lead singer of an 80's hair band. Keep the rest of the look simple, either wear a plain chunky sweater for winter or a bright colored basic to keep the style fresh and fun for spring.

 If you end up buying some colored denim after you  read this blog (which you should,) and you want to ease into the trend, the best way to do it is with a simple basic tee. You can let the pants do the talking and keep the rest simple. I added in some leopard wedges and some chunkier bracelet's to make the look a little more fun and my own.

If you wanted to dress them up a bit and are a little more daring you can add a bright colored top. I love emerald green and cobalt blue together. The shirt is silky, off the shoulder with an exposed zipper which can be very classic and edgy at the same time (don't mind how wrinkled the shirt is.) This color blocking is not a new trend but is making its way back around, don't be shy at experimenting with colors, a bright orange handbag would like amazing with the colors i have on above. I decided to keep the rest of my look simple here with just some black booties . This trend is so great because it gives us the opportunity to partner colors together that we probably never would have gotten the chance to use otherwise. Who's ready for spring :)

So here are my beloved 6 dollar jeans, I paired them with a navy blue chunky sweater, black pumps, and a chunky statement necklace

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New West

There is a concept at work that I absolutely love called New West. It is made up of plaids, hometown florals, suede, brown leather, and soft floaty maxi's. It's a very soft, feminine take on the western style. This may be my new favorite style come springtime. Here are some inspirations...

I loved Nooma Rapace's character in the movie Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Playing a gypsy, her wardrobe was very western inspired. Consisting of solid maxi skirt, chunky leather belt and hat, she displays a more masculine side of this concept. 

Its easy to have this style without making your wallet hurt. Take for instance, this long, soft crocheted sweater. I found it at Goodwill for under $4.

Oversized, man's denim, button-up shirt at Goodwill. Also under $4. In fact, I think it was $2 :)

A little bit more pricier item. Tan suede jacket Goodwill $5. 

But this item I enjoy the most. Its daring but very simple at the same time. I found one at Forever 21 for $20. 

All you need is a few key pieces, mix it up with some plaid or florals and add a chunky scarf or bracelet and you are good to go. Don't be scared to try new things. Sometimes it might not be good, other times it could be your best outfit yet :) Just remember, you don't need to spend a fortune to have a wardrobe!